Ready, Set, Go...

The dream is starting to become a reality...

Hi, I’m Joe! I’m glad you made it to my first website and first blog post. That’s right, I’m new to this whole online retailing thing. But I couldn’t be more excited to start.

I’ve always had a passion for graphic design and logo making. Up until now, it was always something I enjoyed on the side. Today, I am launching my first four designs, printed and sold on pint glasses.

Born and raised on Long Island, it logically was a good place to start. Growing up around the water, wether it was a pool party, beach afternoon, or weekend on the boat, there was always a pint glass nearby. Pint glasses are a staple at any bar, party, event, or dining room. Now, you can have high quality, Long Island specific designs to show off or gift to friends.

I hope you agree that the designs will complement not only nautical themes, but also any clean and modern style you may have.

Please feel free to comment or reach out to me with any feedback. I appreciate your support as I begin this journey!